June 8, 2016

 I finished my Horseys but unfortunately they dont print very well and changing the geometry to print better is a pain in the ass, so for now i wont pursue "mass producing" them and offering them up for sale :( still love them though ;) and one of them found a new home...

February 29, 2016

 I have felt the urge to push myself to go to stranger places in my sculpture and "Mamabear" is kind of a first step. It started with a scribble during a theater rehearsal and expanded over the next few hours.

I usually dont do drawings of my sculptures, most of them co...

January 11, 2016

Did some finishing (mostly filler, not so much sanding) and sprayed the first coat of paint. i chose  tamiya metallic blue latex spraypaint.

I also made a wall mounted base for horsey, i am not sure about the font and the colorways though.

To be continued...

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