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Blokko meets Marooned

3D printing Startup "Blokko" contracted me to model the robot character Asimov, known from the comic book series "Marooned".


"Bilb" for the Striggles

Striggles Mastermind Robert Lepenik asked me if i wanted to design the LP Cover of their upcoming double LP Album.

I happily obliged and created the character "Bilb" who accompanied every sold record as a giveaway in a small box.

Ultimaker Soccer Mascots

3D printing Company Ultimaker asked me to design 15 different Mascots to give aways as 3D rpintable models during the Soccer Worldcup 2014.

RC Renault Truck for Renault Austria

An Event company asked me to custom make a remote controlled truck representing the soon to be released new Renault truck line up. Renaul celebrated the release with a unique game shoe, where one of the games was to complete a parcour controlling the truck.

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